Statement of In- and Exclusions NCS 7516

NTA 7516 criteria for communication service providers.

100% GDPR

NTA 7516 certified

Statement of In- and Exclusions NCS 7516

August 17, 2020 version 1.1

AvailabilityMinimum availability (6.1.2)Yes99,95%
AvailabilityMaximum outage duration (6.1.3)Yes0
AvailabilityMaximum data loss (6.1.4)Yes0
IntegrityConfirmation of origin (6.1.5)YeseIDAS “Substantial” and “Hoog”
IntegrityData integrity (6.1.6)YesTLS / DANE
IntegrityNon-repudiation of sender (6.1.7)YesTLS / SPF / DKIM /DMARC
IntegritySender authorization (6.1.8)YesTLS / SPF / DKIM /DMARC
ConfidentialityData confidentiality (6.1.9)YesAES256
ConfidentialityAccess confidentiality (6.1.10)YeseIDAS “Substantieel” en “Hoog”
ConfidentialityConfidentiality of communication (6.1.11)YesTLS / DANE
ConfidentialityDispatch ground (6.1.12)NoShipping ground is determined by the sender
ConfidentialityInternational ad-hoc messagin (6.1.13)YesEU based
UsabilityContinuity of ad-hoc messaging – reply (6.1.14)YesESMTP
UsabilityContinuity of ad-hoc messaging – forward (6.1.15)YesESMTP
UsabilitySecurity as convenience (6.1.16)YesESMTP
UsabilityReadability (6.1.17)YesESMTP
UsabilityOwn copy (6.1.18)YesESMTP
InteroperabilityFile link (6.1.19)PartlyAn API is available
InteroperabilityMulti-channel communication (7.2)YesNTA 7516 certified