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Secure Mailing

With our SaaS solution, you can securely send confidential information. This ensures full compliance with privacy regulations and protects your customers’ sensitive data.

  • Email with confidence
  • Every email, always secure
  • Compliant


With the SecuFiler app, you can easily and securely exchange one or more (large) files. You share files with your customers, clients, and patients, and they can also share files with you through SecuFiler.

  • WebApp
  • Up to 5 TB
  • Compliant

API Integrations

SecuMailer offers extensive integration capabilities to connect with backend applications and frontend clients.

  • GraphQL


For all our solutions, the common thread is ensuring secure and controlled communication, enabling the efficient exchange of confidential information. This allows users to focus on their tasks with peace of mind while always complying with relevant laws and regulations.

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