How to Securely Send Large Files via Email

October 22, 2021


Most of the email our customers send are regular messages to their customers. Sometimes, however, a large file is sent, and nothing is more annoying than the message: the email could not be delivered because the message is too large. SecuMailer has a common limit of 10 MB, but sometimes this is not enough.

If you want to send a larger file, there is a very easy, and especially secure way for the customers who use Outlook or GMail for Business. It is no more difficult than the normal way of adding files and this method has no size limitations.

This is how you do it

In short, you do the following: You place the file you want to email in OneDrive (for Outlook) or Google Drive (for GMail) and then send an email with this file as a link to the recipient. You can then choose whether the recipient can only read or change the document. In the attached videos you can see exactly how it works.

Explanation Outlook / OneDrive

Explanation GMail / Google Drive:

Waarom is het fijn om het zo te doen?


The main reason is: it is secure. By sending the large file via email with SecuMailer, you meet the requirements set by the GDPR to send a file that contains confidential data. This can be personal data that the GDPR is about, but of course also competitor sensitive information such as prices of your products or other trade secrets.

It is safe because you can be sure that the link with which the file can be accessed is sent via an encrypted connection and retrieved via an encrypted connection to the browser. So all digital paths are encrypted and the communication therefore complies with the GDPR.


It is also convenient: Files are no longer in the mailbox, but in one place, namely the secure work environment of the sender. You actually give the recipient access to the original file in a secure way. If the recipient is supposed to add to the document, it is also convenient that this is done directly in the document and does not have to be added again by the owner of the document himself. So collaborating on a document is now very easy. And SecuMailer ensures that it is also very secure.

Need help?

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me for additional explanation. This can be done by email or telephone.

Yvonne Hoogendoorn CEO SecuMailer

PS: This is also convenient for sending quotations, because you can immediately see when the file has been opened by the recipient and then you can call whether everything is as expected and whether the customer is going to issue the order!

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