How it works

SecuMailer sends all emails of its customers via an encrypted connection. This prevents data leakages and prevents confidential or personal data from being accessed by unauthorised entities. In less than a day your organisation can start sending secure emails via SecuMailer.

This is what happens when you send a secure email via SecuMailer

The sender creates the email and sends it from his existing email environment (for instance Outlook). The email is routed to the secure mailserver of SecuMailer. The email is further protected by adding a digital signature. After that SecuMailer verifies if the encryption is encrypted from sender to recipient and sends the email over the secure connection to the recipient. The complete interaction is documented in the audit log of SecuMailer and can serve as evidence for the secure delivery of every email.

The recipient receives the email in the inbox of his email environment.

Alternative secure delivery

In only 2-5% of the cases, an email cannot be securely delivered. After the e-mail is sent, the sender receives a message that the email cannot be delivered to the recipient. The sender is requested to enter the mobile phone number of the recipient. This is only required once.

The receipient receives a notification with a referral to the original message. If he clicks the link, he will go to the page on the website of the sender where SecuMailer presents the secure email. This page is fully customizable to the look and feel of the website. After the recipient enters the sms code that he just received on his mobile, he can read the email and/or download it to his email application.

Connecting with SecuMailer via mail relay or REST API

All professional email systems can make a connection with SecuMailer. This can be done by means of a mail relay connection from the mail server or by means of a REST API. In approximately 30 minutes your installation will be done.

SecuMailer runs in the background of your system (at serverlevel). Therefore it has some huge advantages:

  • Both sender and recipient have a normal email experience
  • All devices and all emailsystems are suitable to conncet with SecuMailer
  • Senders don’t have to choose. All emails will be sent secure
  • No need for behavioural changes, because everybody in your organsation uses email already.
  • Back end systems which use email can be connected in an easy way
  • SecuMailer is very suitable for large organisations because there is no managed services needed
  • No impact on the stability of your client (e.g. Outlook)
  • Integration is set up in 30 minutes
  • SecuMailer delivers you the complete logging data.

Good to know: Security is tiptop!

SecuMailer has been tested on a regulary base by an IT Security Assessment company. Most recently this was done by Securify. They also survey large banks and creditcard companies wiht regard to their security. SecuMailer is assest as ‘very secure’ and no security problems are found. Of course we are very proud. The complete report is available to our clients.

SecuMailer is ISO27001:2017 certified by TüV.

If you use SecuMailer you will comply with the demands of the Dutch goverment by the “forum standaardisatie”

SecuMailer applies several information security principals to make sure the sensitive data of her customers are securely send by email.

The following measures are taken:

  • Mandatory TLS
  • DANE
  • IPv6
  • Advanced Digital signature based on OpenPGP
  • SPF
  • DKIM