GDPR compliant in a day

Do you want to prevent data leaks and loss of your most valuable asset: the trust of your customers? Send your emails secure. Did you know that 30% of all data leaks are via email? SecuMailer prevents exactly that. SecuMailer uses invisible encryption to send emails secure to the inbox of your recipient. Just like normal email, but with the secure measurements that the GDPR requires. This results in secure email with the best customer experience.

Guaranteed proof with every email

Email is one of the most effective instruments for communication. But not always secure. When the sender and the recipient both support encryption, the messages are secure and cannot be intercepted by third parties. The problem however, is that about 2% of your customers do not support encryption. They will receive your emails, but without the encryption.

These messages can easily be intercepted and are thus a source for data leaks. Nobody wants that to happen. Especially not under GDPR.

This is exactly the problem that SecuMailer solves. SecuMailer checks before sending which emails can be delivered securely and for which emails a safe alternative should be provided.

Up to 98% of your recipients won’t notice a difference from regular email. This is what makes SecuMailer the worlds’ most user-friendly, secure and GDPR-compliant email solution.

Your organisation complety in line with GDPR

SecuMailer makes sure that all emails sent are completely in line with the privacy regulations. So by using SecuMailer in your organisation you will be compliant with the GDPR.

SecuMailer is highly experienced in information protection and privacy. SecuMailer has all possible certificates (ISO 27001, ISO27017, SOC 1, 2, 3 and PCI DSS) and is also certified for processing medical information via our platform (NTA 7516).

Up to 98% of your recipients won’t notice a difference from regular email

SecuMailer is completly out of sight at the daily email environment of the sender. Because all measurements are taken at serverlevel, the client is unchanged. This results in a normal email experience for your employees, but guaranteed secure.

We can deleliver more than 98% as normal emails. Before we send the email, we check if all security measures – necessary to get enough protection for the sending of personal data- are taken across the complete transport layer. The 2% emails that can not be send via a secure encrypted transport layer, will get a notification message and an identification code on their mobile phone. The recipient can collect the email via a secure portal with this code.

Confidential business sent by email

Our ever growing customerbase uses SecuMailer for all kinds of communication with their customers and partners. Examples are:

  • Sending financial advise
  • Resetting of passwords
  • Exchange of personal data with prospects
  • Notification for appointments for medical controls
  • Reporting towards parents and teachers
  • Invoices
  • Legal advise
  • Property sales
  • Financial business
  • HR bunsiness
  • Announcements to citizens
  • All other confidential emails sent

What does your organisation sent via email? Probably a lot of confidential business that simply has to be send by email to the recipient. SecuMailer is your best option.